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Hardware Maintenance

Support for your existing equipment…Look in the phone book and immediately you will find an overwhelming number of computer repair listings. As in any industry, there are those that provide quality service, and there are the others. The industry has set standards, although there is no enforcement agency, no licensing REQUIRED.

Microsoft and the other industry leaders provide training, testing and certification. These are methods for determining the quality of service you may receive from a computer repair company.

A Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer not only has been tested and certified by the world’s largest software developer, but, must also continually add to their knowledge to maintain this strict certification.

KelCon was founded and is operated by its own Microsoft Systems Engineer, David McCaughey. Due to his convictions, continuing education and training are essential for all KelCon associates. Be assured that when a KelCon technician is at your site, the collective of all the KelCon technicians is behind him or her.